Commercial Pilot License

This course includes Commercial single-engine courses and Commercial multi-engine courses.

Course Duration: 16-26weeks

Fees are subject to change.
Please inquire for details before your enrolment.

Commercial Pilot License

Admission Requirements

Please inquire for details before your enrolment

Private Pilot License or Instrument Rating License

Please note: You need to have a Instrument Rating License before starting Commercial Multi-Engine courses.

Be 18 years of age by course commencement

Be willing to undergo a TSA check for issue of your Aviation Security certificate

A valid FAA third-class medical certificate

Privileges of Commercial Pilot License

On completion of your Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License) you can be paid to work as a pilot. This means that you could conduct such work as charter, tourist flights, Crop Dusting, Fish Spotting etc.

Commercial Pilot License

Course fee includes


Commercial Pilot Training
Commercial Pilot Training (Multi-Engine): Total Included Hours: 122.0 H

Hours of Ground Training(Single-Engine):40.0 H

Hours of Ground Training(Multi-Engine):50.0 H