Instrument Rating License

Course Duration:8-16 weeks

Fees are subject to change.
Please inquire for details before your enrolment.

Instrument Rating

Privileges of Instrument Rating Licence

The Instrument Rating is the most demanding and challenging to obtain. It requires the development of good hand-eye co-ordination skills, procedural proficiency and the ability to make command decisions. Without an Instrument Rating, a pilot must operate in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) at all times.

Successful completion of this rating will enable you to operate in nearly all-weather conditions.

Instrument Rating

Course fee includes


Flying Hours

Hours of Ground Training:35.0 H


If you have an overseas PPL or CPL, before you exercise the privileges of this license, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Validation (ask us how) and undertake a “flight review” in the U.S. It will be necessary to undertake some “familiarization flying” to get used to flying in the new environment and prepare for the flight review. Please discuss with us so that we can provide an estimate of the hours/costs required.