Private Pilot License

Course Duration: 16-26weeks
Fees are subject to change.
Please inquire for details before your enrolment.

Private Pilot License

Privileges of the Private Pilot License

For this course you will be enrolled on the Diploma of Aviation (Private Pilot License) course however will only be partially completing the course and the Diploma will not be issued. On completion of your Private Pilot License (PPL) you can fly yourself and passengers, by day, anywhere in the visual flight conditions. You can convert your Private Pilot License to a local license when you return home. The Private Pilot License is a recreational license only. You cannot be paid to fly as a Private Pilot License holder.

Private Pilot License

Course fee includes


Flying Hours

Hours of Ground Training
40 hours

Private Pilot License Course

This course utilizes the building-block theory of learning, which recognizes that each item taught must be presented on the basis of previously learned knowledge and skills. It is designed so the academic support materials can be coordinated with flight lessons. When the coordinated sequence is used, the materials pertinent to a flight lesson are taught just before the flight.

Private Pilot License


After you enroll, we will assist you with the FAA aviation medical examination in applying for and obtaining a FAA third-class medical certificate.